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Sell your property with Galley Properties:

Selling your home can be an exciting time and having the right agent on board will make all the difference. There are numerous agents out there to choose from so we would like to take this opportunity to show you why we stand head and shoulders above the rest and the exceptional things we will do for you.

Why choose an average agent when you can speak to us:

As a company we work a little differently to the average estate agent, after all who wants average? We have no superior attitude or confusing jargon, just the best advice to fit you and your circumstances. Our business is built on the determined belief that hard work and extra effort will create customer satisfaction and continue recommendations to our customer’s friends and families. The moment you choose us, you and your family will receive the great service you need. Our standards in customer service are exceptional and as a result we are consistently rated as five stars on RaterAgent.co.uk and Google.co.uk reviews. We invite you to check them out.

Instructing Galley Properties to sell your home can be seen as the start of a beautiful relationship. We’ll provide a personal negotiator throughout the process, keeping you up to date with feedback and the progress of the sale. Selling your home isn’t always plain sailing, but we’ll be there with you every step of the way.

Having an award winner on board will make a big difference to your sale:

Our hard work and passion for selling houses in Yorkshire hasn’t gone unnoticed. We are the Gold award winner for ‘Yorkshire and the Humber Agency of the Year’ at the 2016 Negotiator Awards. This award, presented by the UK’s top property experts, is based on our outstanding customer service with the addition of our exceptional marketing skills.

Great marketing is about how we can get the most out of your property’s presentation. Our knowledge and skill in this area helps us secure some of the best sales prices in the fastest times. Zoopla statistics show that for a number of years our properties have sold up to three times faster than the Doncaster average sale time. On top of this Rightmove statistics show we secure better prices with some other agents reducing asking prices up to four times more than we do.

We are proud of the fact that over the past few years our team have also won, and been shortlisted for, more property marketing awards than any other agent in Yorkshire. Why not use our exceptional team to your advantage, if you sell with us our expert team would be here helping your sale at every stage.

We are confident we can get you the best deal in good time:

Our number one priority is to help you sell your property by making sure that you get the best deal whilst always having a nice person on the end of a phone to provide an outstanding level of service and advice. Whatever your situation, we would love the opportunity to discuss how we can secure a sale for you. At Galley Properties we are so confident that we can receive a sales offer on your property in under 15 weeks, that if we don’t we will even reduce our fee by 15%*.

We understand that choosing an agent can be a daunting process. We have taken all of this into consideration and have developed a range of sales packages to suit all vendors including some with no upfront cost. Our team will also do everything possible to make the sale of your property go smoothly and to your timeframe.

We work hard to keep your sale on track throughout the entire sales process:

Simply securing a sale for a great price is not good enough for our expert team. Unlike many other agents, even after we have secured a sale and the process with your solicitors has begun we will continue where possible to liaise with all parties to keep a sale on track. Each and every month our staff put in extra hours to help our vendors properties proceed to completion. All of this extra work is at no extra charge to our customers and is included as standard. Why not make sure you are giving yourself the best start by using our expert team to sell your property.

The extra work we put into keeping a sale on track really pays off. For a number of years, Zoopla statistics show that, our average sales time has been up to three times faster than the Doncaster average. Just like our sales times, the average time to completion on one of our properties far exceeds the Doncaster average. On top of this we have very few properties where the sale falls through. Although at times a sale falling through is unavoidable, our vendors have found that having our team helping them at every stage of the sales process really makes a big difference.

Not sure which Solicitor to instruct?

Every solicitor will work in a slightly different way. Our day to day dealings with dozens of solicitors throughout the UK has given us a good insight with what to expect from many of them. Why not take advantage of our knowledge and insight by asking us who we recommend. We may just know the ideal solicitors for your situation, possibly you want things to move fast or you have an investor buying with cash, whatever the circumstances surrounding your sale we will be able to recommend a reputable solicitor to meet your needs.

Got an Investment Property to sell?

Because our company was formed by successful and established property developers and investors we know the importance of having a good relationship with a reliable agent. We actually started out in business because other agents were not providing a level of service which landlords needed. By constantly striving to provide an exceptional level of service we have built an enviable reputation for consistently delivering for our investors.

Having hundreds of properties in our lettings portfolio and links with a wide range of landlords, investment companies and property experts both locally, nationally and internationally we speak your language. We work with all types of investors from those with just one property to large FTSY 250 listed property companies. So if you are looking to sell some of your investment portfolio then why not speak to us and take advantage of our extensive links within property investment circles. We are confident that we can help you sell your investment properties for the best price and in good time. Our expert team are here to help and advise you on how to get the best return, the types of yields you can expect and how to develop your investment strategy.

See what Yorkshire’s award winning agent can do for you:

Our properties sell up to 3x faster

Zoopla statistics show that for a number of years the majority of our properties have sold three times faster than the Doncaster average sales time.

Honest and informed valuations based on evidence

We won’t tempt you to sign up with an unachievable valuation. Our honest valuations are based on solid market research and evidence that we will provide to back up our recommendations.

Accurate valuations with fewer price reductions

A ‘Which?’ 2017 investigation highlights that many local agents over value properties only to significantly reduce prices later. Not only do these properties take longer to sell but they often sell below market value. Rightmove statistics show we reduce prices four times less than some other local agents.

The best property marketing in Yorkshire

Having staff with additional creative skills, e.g. design degrees, ensures that we will present your property at its best. In the past three years we have won and been shortlisted for more national property marketing awards than any other agent in Yorkshire.

Customer service that is consistently rated 5 stars

We will work hard to give you the customer service you need. Our customers consistently rate us five stars on Google and RaterAgent.co.uk reviews. Feel free to check them out.

Fair and transparent fees

Most people think with all the extra things they get from our service our fees would be much higher. You’ll be surprised just how fair our fees are. We believe that we offer the most cost effective service locally. Why not book your free valuation to find out.

Why not get in touch:

If you’re looking to sell your property why not call us on 01302570470 for a friendly no obligation chat.

Why not get a free property valuation:

You can use our online valuation tool to get a free online property valuation, this will provide you with a guide price to your properties potential value. Alternatively our expert team will be happy to come out to view your property and proved a more detailed valuation tailored to your individual property.

Find out more about the sales process:

Every sale will have its unique characteristics but in general each sale will follow a similar process. Check out our handy ‘sales process’ page to better understand what you can expect when selling your property and the extra things we can do for you.

Please note: if you have instructed another Agent on a Sole Agency and/or Sole Selling Right basis, the terms and conditions of those instructions must be considered to avoid the possible liability of paying two commission fees.