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Why the first 15 Weeks of selling is the most important:

Are you thinking of selling? To make the most out of your property sale you may want to consider the advice and points below. At Galley Properties we always strive to deliver great customer service and results. The best opportunity of selling a property for the best price is in the first few months. This is why we make the most out of the first 15 weeks of taking a property to market. The points to consider are:


Due to the way most buyers view properties online, your property is more likely to be viewed when it is fresh to market. Because a large proportion of buyers view properties in order of newest to oldest, or that many property portals offer the option to filter properties by what is fresh to market, a property which has been on the market for a long time could be languishing at the bottom of a buyers search.

At our Doncaster estate agency we know that a property positioned at the bottom of a search is less likely to be found, for this reason we will make the most of the first 15 weeks of going to market to make sure your property is viewed by the most potential buyers. We do this with our exceptional marketing. We believe we go above and beyond what most estate agents in Doncaster do by using professional photographers, graphic designers and marketing experts to make your listing stand out from the rest. We have found that this approach works and gives results. We have been able to secure sale after sale in good time at the best prices for our sellers. In fact, Zoopla statistics show that for a number of years our average sales time was three times faster than the Doncaster average.

Pool of Buyers:

On the first day that your property goes to market an existing pool of buyers will be searching for properties in your area. This pool will increase and decrease over time as buyers start and end their searches. However, it is likely that the pool of buyers seeing your property ‘fresh’ will be the greatest in the very early stages of listing your property. At our estate agency in Doncaster we know the first 15 weeks of going to market is the most important to gain the maximum exposure to the greatest amount of potential buyers.

In order to make the most of the 15 week optimum window Galley Properties go to great lengths to get the marketing of your property right so that it will generate the most possible interest. As an example of how we compare to other Doncaster estate agents is with a property marketed recently with another agent, the property was on with the previous agent for 16 months without a single viewing. Once Galley Properties started marketing this property and emphasising its best features we secured a sale in just 18 days. Understandably the seller was extremely pleased with the result and really noticed the difference the extra effort by Galley Properties made.


The time your property has been on the market can, and often does, influence the offer price that a buyer will put forward. At our Doncaster estate agency, the trend we often see is that if a property has been on the market for a long period of time a buyer will put forward a lower offer. If a property is fresh to market the trend tends to be that a buyer will expect to pay closer to the asking price in order to secure a sale. This is why the first 15 weeks of selling your property is the best time to secure the best price. The last impression you want to give is that your property has been around for a long time and will continue to do so.

At Galley Properties we go to great lengths to price your property right from day one. We don’t hastily put together a figure in order to secure a property instruction. We take the time to research the property market in your area and base our valuation on the facts and evidence of what you should realistically expect to achieve for your property. At Galley Properties we understand that there is little point in raising your expectations with an overestimated asking price only for us to have to reduce it at a later date, once your property has missed out on the optimum ‘exposure’ time and ‘pool of buyers’ discussed above. Likewise, we don’t want to undervalue your property in order to secure a quick sale with the minimum effort. What we do is put in a great amount of time and effort to price and market your property right in order to secure the best price in good time.


Find out more about why you will benefit from selling with Galley Properties:

There are lots of things that make us stand head and shoulders above other estate agents in Doncaster. Having our award winning and highly rated staff on your side and helping at every point in the sales process really makes a big difference. Check out our ‘sell with us’ page to find out why we are not your average agent.

Our 15 weeks sale offer to you:

We have outlined above why selling in the first 15 weeks of a property going to market can be a huge advantage. Why not take advantage of our expert and award winning team who will help you secure you a property sale in this optimum time frame. Check out our ‘15 weeks sales promotion’ page to learn more about how we will work hard to secure you a sale within this time and if we don’t you will benefit from a 15% reduction in fees*.

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