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Special Offer Terms:
Sell your property in just 15 weeks with Galley Properties:

Terms and Conditions:

01: The 15 week period begins at 00:01 the day after we start to market your property and ends 15 weeks (105 days) later at 00:00.

02: The ‘sell your property’ target of the promotion is deemed fulfilled once a reasonable and fair sales offer is received within 5% of the asking price. The term ‘sell your property’ does not relate to the completion of a property sale due to outside parties such as solicitors and surveyors influencing the time scale.

03: Galley Properties will make a fair and accurate valuation of your property based on the facts and evidence available for your area and property type, should you wish to market your property at a significantly higher price your property will be exempt from the offer but can still be marketed by Galley Properties.

04: At present the property market is a buyers market and most buyers and sellers will anticipate a reasonable reduction from the asking price to the agreed sale price. It is considered that a 5% reduction from the asking price is a fair and acceptable sale price. It is at the buyers discretion if they wish to accept a price lower than the asking price. However if a buyer turns down an offer within 5% of the asking price they will no longer be eligible for the promotion as it is deemed that a fair sales offer was found but rejected.

05: Galley Properties may make reasonable advice and suggestions to increase the appeal of your property to buyers. It is at the discretion of the seller follows this advice. However if a valuation is based on any advice, to attract buyers, being followed and this is not adhered to then the property is not eligible for the promotion.

06: In order to sell your property Galley Properties will require access for valuations, photography, plan drawing and viewings. If the seller is unable to give reasonable access on several occasions then this restricts Galley Properties ability to sell the property and it is not eligible for the promotion.

07: If it is deemed that the seller has actively sought to discourage any buyers from the property in any way directly or indirectly then the property is not eligible for the promotion.

08: When an acceptable sales offer is received the time scale of the 15 week offer is frozen, should this offer then be withdrawn through no fault of the seller then the 15 week offer time scale is unfrozen and shall continue. Eg if an offer is received at 10 weeks it is frozen at 10 weeks, should this fall through 3 weeks later and be re-marketed then the time scale starts at 10 weeks from the day of re-marketing. Any valid offer then received within the next 5 weeks (10 weeks prior to freeze and 5 weeks when unfrozen) is deemed within the 15 week offer period.

09: If significant differences to the marketing particulars are discovered after marketing has commenced then the property is no longer valid for the offer as it can not be reasonably marketed as initially anticipated. Examples include, but are not limited to; lack of planning approval, significant property defect, access and right of way issues and/or legal disputes which affect the sale.

Competition Terms:

From time to time Galley Properties may run competitions to win prizes. Each competition will state how you can enter each competition. Entry methods may vary each time. Some competitions may only be open to people who qualify under certain conditions, e.g. landlords only, anyone who does not meet these conditions will not be entered into that particular draw.

All prizes have no cash value and cash alternatives will not be offered. Any physical prizes will need to be collected from the Galley Properties office in working hours, no postage will be covered with any competition prize. If a winner is unable to collect a prize within a reasonable time frame it may be offered to a runner-up or disposed of.

Competition winners will be decided at random by Galley Properties. Winner’s names will be announced following a competition unless the winner asks us not to publish their name. With a winners permission we may also publish photographs of them collecting their prize. This information may be used for proportional purposes such as on the Galley Properties blog or Facebook pages. No correspondence will be entered into regarding competitions as all available information will be published where the competition is announced e.g on our Facebook page.

Galley Properties may use your contact details to contact you about further competitions, special offers or general correspondence. These communications will follow our privacy policy. You may opt out of such correspondence at any time.

Referral Offer Terms:

Refer a friend £50 offer:

Do you know anyone looking to sell or rent out their property? Our award winning marketing and customer service will get them results! Why not recommend us and as a thankyou you will receive a £50 referral fee. And your friend will get £50 cash back and a free premium listing on rightmove worth £250 RRP.

Terms and Conditions:

To qualify for any referral fees, cash back offers or free listing upgrades the referral must meet one of the following criteria. 01: the referee signs up to a sole agency sales agreement using marketing options 1, 2 or 3 for the purpose of selling their property. 02: the referee signs up to a fully managed property lettings agreement for the purpose of renting out their property.

Referral fees are paid 3 months after sign up for property sales and 6 months after sign up for property lettings. Cash back incentives are deducted from the final sales fee for property sales and from the property management fee in month 7 for property lettings. Should the property management fee in month 7 be below £50 then the remaining amount shall be deducted from subsequent months until the cash back amount of £50 is reached.

No referral fees or cash back offers shall be paid out on any properties which are withdrawn during the periods outlined above.

Rightmove premium listings are added between week 1 and 3 for property sales and week 4 and 6 for property rentals. Any properties sold or let before these periods may not require and receive a Rightmove premium listing. No alternative is given and this upgrade has no transferable cash value.

Galley Properties will offer market recommendations and advice which is intended to market your property at its best. If a vendor or landlord wishes to market their property against Galley Properties market recommendations and advice this could slow down a property sale and reduce the ability to find a tenant. Under these circumstances this could invalidate any claim to referral fees, cash back offers or free listing upgrades.

The value of £250 RRP for a free premium listing on rightmove is a recommended retail price figure and this service may be sold for an alternative price elsewhere or by Galley Properties should they choose to do so.