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Who REALLY won that Estate Agency award?

At Galley Properties we are proud to call ourselves national property award winners. Over the past few years, we have become one of the most decorated local estate and letting agents after winning, and being shortlisted for, numerous national property awards. When you see the awards we advertise you can be confident that our actual branch and our actual staff won these awards. The same can’t be said for other agents in Doncaster that claim to be ‘award winners’. Don’t be fooled, here’s what to look out for:

There lots of award winning agents in Doncaster, right?

Looking at some of the bold claims on local adverts you would think so, but the reality may be slightly different. We, as a local agent, believe in conducting business in an open, honest and transparent way that benefits all our customers. That’s why we only advertise awards that we have won. Other agents prefer to blur the facts of who actually won an award to take credit for it, frequently the reality is that the Doncaster branch had no input in the award they claim to have won. Local branches that are part of a huge network or franchise often take credit for awards won by other non-related branches or by their head office team, often working in London, who produce work where the Doncaster branch has had no input.

How do some agents get away with taking credit for awards they haven’t won?

Winning an award is a tough task and only agents who go above and beyond usually achieve this. These awards will be given out based on specific work, it would be impossible to asses all the branches in a huge network so only one small specific part or branch will be looked at.

The reality of who won an award can often be blurred by an agent who is part of these large franchises or groups. The actual award that was given out could be given based on outstanding work at a branch hundreds of miles away that has nothing to do with your Doncaster branch. Similarly many franchises win awards based on work done by their head office, again usually hundreds of miles away, and this work has little input from the Doncaster branch. Despite this we see many agents in Doncaster advertising that they have won these awards because they are simply part of that franchise. It would even appear, based on the claims by some local agents, that the actual winner may not even have the same business name, we think many would agree that this is stretching the truth by quite some distance and perhaps even misleading.

So what’s the harm in taking credit for an award won by head office or a branch hundreds of miles away?

The problem with this is that on face value many customers will think an agent is doing great work, after all they won all those awards right? Or did they? Just because a small part of a huge franchise is delivering outstanding work in some part of the country doesn’t mean that the local branch will be working to the same high standard. We don’t think anyone would pick an agent in Doncaster based on the work that is being done in the Brighton, Cardiff or Glasgow branches, customers want to know what is being done in the local branch for them. On this basis we think it is only right that when someone claims to have won an award it was them that actually won it.

So how can I tell if an agent really won an award?

An informed buyer will always check an agents claims. Simply by asking an agent ‘did their actual branch win that award?’ should give you a good indication. Local agents who didn’t win the award will be reluctant to tell you the truth and may try to brush over this question so it is best to follow this up by saying ‘so your actual branch, here in Doncaster, won that and not just your head office or a sister company?’. You may start to see a little squirming by the agents who are trying to bend the truth but don’t worry it’s only sensible that as a customer you check these things out before committing to an agent and certainly before signing any agreements.

More than likely you will also have the option to check winners on the websites for the actual awards. All reputable property awards publish a list of winner that is viewable by the public. The winners list will at least contain the most recent winners but this may not go back a significant number of years for older awards.

How to choose a good agent

Selling and renting out property can be a tough business and having a great agent on board can make all the difference. You want an agent who is open and honest, an agent who bends the truth from the outset may not be trustworthy later on down the line when you really need them. Our advice is to do your research, this may seem like a lot of hard work up front but will pay dividends as time goes on. Getting the right agent on board early on will make the tough property business seem like a breeze.

What awards have Galley Properties (Doncaster branch and Doncaster staff) won?

Over the past few years we have won and been shortlisted for the following national awards:

  • Negotiator Awards 2016 Best Yorkshire & the Humber Agency of the Year – GOLD WINNER
  • RaterAgent Agent of the Year 2015 – GOLD WINNER SOUTH YORKSHIRE
  • Negotiator Awards 2015 Best Marketing Campaign of the Year – BRONZE WINNER
  • Northern Marketing Awards 2016 Best Property and Construction Campaign – SHORTLISTED
  • Negotiator Awards 2016 Best Marketing Campaign of the Year – SHORTLISTED
  • Negotiator Awards 2016 Best Small Estate Agency of the Year – SHORTLISTED
  • Property Marketing Awards 2015 Best In-house Marketing Team – SHORTLISTED
  • Negotiator Awards 2015 Best Website – SHORTLISTED
  • And numerous other property awards pre-2015

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