Our fees for tenants explained



Tenancy deposits

A tenancy deposit is required to protect the landlord against the cost of replacing or repairing property damaged by the tenant and is usually the equivalent of one months rent.Galley Properties will protect your tenancy deposit with The DPS, a tenancy deposit protection scheme. This is subject to your landlord’s terms and conditions. Please note that a higher deposit will be required where it is agreed that pets can be included in the tenancy. The inclusion of any pets is subject to the landlord’s consent


If you decide to rent a property with Galley Properties then the following fees will apply

The fees described here are effective from 31st October 2013. Any application initiated prior to 31st October 2013 will be subject to fees as agreed in the Tenancy Agreement. All tenant fees are inclusive of VAT at the current rate where applicable.

Administration Fee/Set Up Fee

Covers preparation of documents

Referencing Fee

For up to the first 2 tenants

Referencing Fee (Additions)

For each additional tenant

Guarantor Referencing Fee

An additional fees which may be applicable to some but not all tenants

Renewal Fee

Payment amount of fee varies for 6 month, 12 month or rolling periodic contracts.
£75 - 6 or 12 months
£90 - rolling periodic

Check Out Fee

Covers preparation of checkout documents and admin fees for termination of contract